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Tree Injections, Hollywood, CA

Numerous diseases affect trees internally and require treatment by means other than external applications and sprays. Fungi and bacteria may harm trees significantly if left untreated. Tree injections are the best way to treat these diseases and infestations, and they help maintain the mature trees' health. At La Nina Landscape Inc., we provide a variety of solutions, including specialized tree injection services.

Local Tree Injection Services

As certified arborists, we provide tree injections for various reasons, including fertilization, pest control, and deflowering. Tree fertilizer injections are simple to use; you can either use one to prolong the tree's life or address a health issue with a tree that is already displaying symptoms of deterioration. With our fertilizer injections, trees that aren't getting enough soil nutrients can blossom again.

We provide a deflowering chemical injection to stop seed production as one of our tree injections options. There's no need to worry about bothersome gumballs or fruit output from trees like crabapple, plum, and sweetgum. When trees such as black walnut, hickory, and oak scatter seeds all over your yard and on parked cars, it's time to opt for tree injections.

Advantages of Using Tree Injections

There are many benefits to opting for tree injections, such as:

  • Help prevent and treat damaging fungus and disease in your trees by tackling the root of the problem
  • Because the capsules are self-contained, no harm will come to people, animals, or the environment from using them.
  • Using microinjections, you can keep your tree healthy and disease-free
  • They are safe for both humans and animals, as we do not use products with hazardous substances
  • They are an alternative method to spraying, helping to minimize the likelihood of overlooking trees.
  • It’s a great way to save mature trees, and they help maintain the lushness and vitality of your lovely trees, regardless of their size.

Customized Tree Injection Services

Many clients ask us why we recommend tree injections for fertilization or disease treatments. There are several reasons for this, such as:

  • These are a less harmful treatment option than spraying or soaking the soil.
  • We utilize a small needle to inject the product directly into the tree's cambial zone with our no-drill treatment option. The tree can use the pesticide or fertilizer most effectively as opposed to foliar spraying or soil soaking.
  • We can plan applications of pesticides ahead of time regardless of the weather conditions.
  • It's also simple, quick, efficient, and risk-free.
  • We can help you with fungus treatment, insect management, or tree nourishment.

Our team members will come out for a consultation to determine what kinds of trees you have on your property and how best to inject them for maximum benefit. At La Nina Landscape Inc., we assure you of the best services at affordable pricing.

We have the skills needed to provide you with superior tree injections in North Hollywood, CA. Feel free to call us at 8184046822 for additional information regarding these and our other services. You can also send us your queries via this Online Form, and one of our experts will call you to discuss your project's specifics.

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